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  • Download and complete our CIS form

  • We will review and confirm your acceptance within 24 hours

  • Determine number of coins to be purchased

  • Activate your browser based revo wallet 

  • Make your payment to our specified account

  • Receive your coins into your wallet within 60 mins

  • That's it.

Process for buying revo coins

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The Evolution of Money

becomes the REVOlution Coin

Become your own Bank Now...

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Our UDCRF  digital wallet has been specifically designed with the latest Version 3.0 Block Chain Technology providing one of most advanced secure block chain architectures on the market. As you may have noticed already, our wallet is a web-based application and runs in a browser. A connection is established to a trusted node in the network that serves as a gateway to the rest of the ecosystem.


Our servers never have access to your funds because none of your private keys ever leave your browser. Instead they are encrypted with your pass phrase and are stored in your local browser’s database. Hence you should make sure to have a proper backup to not lose access to your funds on computer malfunctions or browser crashes. You will find further support and instructions of use in the wallet interface.


Creating your online UDCRF  wallet takes literally seconds and will give you your right to transfer digital coins in and out of your wallet through a specifically designed cryptographic signature. This will make the use of your wallet fast, reliable, easy to use and most importantly, safe. Please use the link below to get started.

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