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The Universal Digital Currency Reserve foundation (UDCRF), an entity set up by the United Humanitarian Trust foundation (UHTf) in conjunction with the digitalReserve, as the Official Digital Currency issuer of several chosen Digital Currencies in various denominations. All currencies are tracking, not pegged, to the Euro giving us the flexibility to track other currencies for the benefit of Humanity in times of financial crisis around the world.


UDCRF takes its compliance, anti-money laundering and financial crime obligations seriously. We must know our customer. Before you can own digital currencies, please download our “Client Information Statement” (CIS) by clicking here.


  • Download and complete our CIS form

  • We will review and confirm your acceptance within 24 hours

  • Determine number of coins to be purchased

  • Activate your browser based revo wallet 

  • Make your payment to our specified account

  • Receive your coins into your wallet within 60 mins

  • That's it.


Features and benefits of using revo

  • Fully asset backed digital currency

  • Sanctioned by the ICJ and ICC

  • Value fixed at €10 Euro

  • Zero volatility

  • 100% secure medium of exchange

  • Peer to peer value exchange system

  • An alternative to traditional banking

  • An alternative to money transfer companies

  • Secured by above-military-grade encryption

  • Your revos can be spent via any visa or master card, for making purchases and cash withdrawals

  • Large transfers are done direct from our bank to your specified account

  • Further enhancements coming soon include: 4DEX and our Digital Mall. 4DEX will be the ultimate trading platform, whilst the Digital Mall will offer full access to a virtual shopping mall where you can use your wallet, your revos and any other denomination issued by UDCRF.


Contact Us via the form above for more information and learn how easy it is to purchase and use revos.



NOTE: revo is a fixed value digital coin set at €10 Euro

The first fully asset

backed digital currency

Dedicated to making your life easier