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Implementing Self

Sustainability for All  

We are implementing our Projects as Freezones within all of the Nations we work. These Freezones will include all our technologies

and systems for job creation and sustainability whilst being ecological in our delivery of our Projects. We would also like to Partner with the Governments within the Nations to assist in delivering some of their own infrastructure Projects to assist in their growth and prosperity.


Some, but not all the technologies we will be implementing in the countries we are looking to work with. Solar water pumps to supply fresh water to towns, Anaerobic digesters, water capture and storage facilities, Build a new and modern town with all main infrastructure to show the model of the future for each Nation, Incorporate all the latest technology in food, energy and water plus waste management and sanitation, food plant installations, fish farm installations. Mining for precious metals and gem stones using our environmentally friendly technology. Water plants for structured water for health and preservation of supply. Production of liquid natural gas (LNG) from sugar cane to power public vehicles, plant and machinery in each town. Upscale farming production of existing crops for local farmers. Develop with the Government, infrastructure and other projects internally to support growth. Eco wealth financing. Increase production of power plant capacities for each town.


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Creating eco-friendly communities